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Full text of "Choice list of desirable books relating to Canada [microform] : conquest of Canada in 1760, American invasion of 1775, War of 1812, Indians, local history, magazines, etc."

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Collection de 

Canadian InstituM for Historical Microraproductions / Inttitut Canadian da microraproductiona hittoriquat 


Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes technique et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filnnlng. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checlted below. 




Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged / 

I — I Couverture endommaget 

I I Covers restored and/or laminated / 
' — ' Couverture restaur^ et/ou pellicula 

I I Cover title missing / Le titra de couverture manque 

j I Coloured maps / Cartes geographiques en couleur 

I I Coloured ink (i.e. ottwr than blue or black) / 

Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

□ Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 
PlanrhAR (>t/nt i illi i«lraljnnc on rni ilai 

Planches et/ou illustratk>ns en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli^ avec d'autres documents 

Only edjtnn available / 
Seule ^Itjon disponit)le 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin / La reliure serrde peut 
causer de I'ombra ou de la distorsion le long de 
la marge intdrieure. 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines 
pages blanches ajouttes lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, kxsque cela 6tait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas ^ filmtes. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur examplaire qu'il lui a 
6X6 possible de se procurer. Les d6tails de cet exem- 
plaire qui son! peut-6tFe uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographlque, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modifications dans la m6th- 
ode normale de filmage sont indiqu^s ci-dessous. 

I I Cotoured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 

I I Pages restored and/or laminated / 
' — ' Pages restaurtes et/ou pellicultes 

Pages discokiured, stained or foxed / 
Pages d^cotordes, tachetdes ou piquees 

I I Pages detached / Pages d6tach^es 

rpf Showthrough / Transparence 

I I Quality of print varies / 

I — I Qualit^ in^le de I'impression 

I I Includes supplementary material / 
' — ' Comprend du materiel suppKmentaire 

I I Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
I — ' slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image / Les pages 
totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un 
feuillet d'errata, une peture, etc., ont 6i6 filmees 
i nouveau de fa(on i obtenir la meilleure 
image possible. 

I I Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
' — ' discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the 
best possible image / Les pages s'opposant 
ayant des colorations variables ou des dteol- 
oratlons sont filmtes deux fois afin d'obtenir la 
meilleur image possible. 


Addttxxial comments / 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

This iltffl is filmtd at tti« raduCTion ratio chacfcad iMlow/ 

Ct docuinant ast filmi au uux dt rMtietion indiqui ci'dassoui . 

10X i«x tax 






Th« copy fllmad hara hat baan raproducad thanka 
to tha ganaroaity of: 

Stauffar Library 
quaan'a Unlvarslty 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha bant quality 
poasibia eonildaring tha condition and lagiblllty 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract apaciflcatlona. 

Original coplaa in printad papar covara ara fllmad 
baglnning with tha front eovar and anding on 
tha laat paga with a printad or illuatratad Impraa- 
tion. or tha back covar whan approprlata. All 
othar original copioa ara fllmad baglnning on tha 
firat paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
alon, and anding on tha laat paga with a printad 
or illuatratad impraaaion. 

Tha laat racordad frama on aach microflcha 
ahall contain tha tymboi — •' Imaaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha tymboi ▼ Imaaning "END"), 
whichavar appliat. 

Mapa. plataa. eharta. ate, may ba fllmad at 
diffarant raduetion ratioa. Thoia too larga to ba 
antiraly includad in ona axpoaura ara fllmad 
baglnning in tha uppar laft hand eornar, laft to 
right and top to bonom, at many framat aa 
raqulrad. Tha following diagrama illuatrata tha 

1 2 3 





L'axcmplair* film* fut raproduit grtet t la 
ginaroalM da: 

St«iff*r Library 
OiM«i'» Uhlvarslty 

Lat Imaga* tulvantat ont ata raproduitas avae la 
plua grand toin. eompta tanu da la condition at 
da la nanata da I'aiamplaira fllma, at »n 
eonfofinita avac laa eonditlona du contrat da 

Laa axamplalraa orlglnaux dont la eouvartura an 
papiar aat imprimaa aent fllmaa an commandant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarmlnant loit par la 
darniara paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'impraaalon ou d'llluatratlon, aoit par la lacond 
plat, aalon la eaa. Toua laa autraa aiamplaira* 
orlglnaux aont (llmaa an commandant par la 
pramiara paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'impraaalon ou d'llluatration at an tarminant par 
la darniira paga qui comporta una talla 

Un daa aymboiaa auivanta apparattra aur la 
darniara imaga da ehaqua microficha. aalon la 
caa: la aymbola — » tignifia "A SUIVRE". la 
aymbola ▼ aignifia "FIN". 

Laa cartaa, planchaa, tablaaux. ate. , pauvant ttra 
fllmto A daa taux da raduetion difftrant*. 
Loriqua la documant aat trap grand pour ttra 
raproduit an un laul clichi. il aat filmt a partir 
da I'angla aupAriaur gaueha, da gaucha a droita. 
at da haut an baa, an pranant la nombra 
d'Imagaa nAcaaaaira. Laa diagramma* auivanta 
illuatrant la mathoda. 








1653 Eost Morn Street 

Rochester New York 14609 US* 

(716) 482 - 0300 - Phor.e 

(716) 288-5989 - Fa>, 

NKW SERIES No. I. jl ji 




Desirable Books 




Conqucit of CttauU in 17M).--Aiiieri- 
can lavaaioo of J775,— War of 18(2.— 
Wiaos.— Local Hiitory. Magatinct 
•*• J» rf« etc. Jl j» jt 

;Tfeu\^ FOR SALE 


i vp 

QUEBEC; Canada. 


.»» J* 

iO'Pricn do not included dcUvwry charge*. 

OOttt-of-tiie-way and rare Boob lecured. no 
I matter when nor where putllihed nor in what 
language written. I am in eomtant relation 
with all the best lecond-hand bookiellan of tile 
world and can thtia have efficient tearciic* made 
for rare booki. 

tf'Recent American, Engliih, French or 
Canadian pabllcatlons mppUed at PitUiihen' 
pricei, and forwarded direct when preferaUe. 

O^ttbicriptioni received for any newipapcr 
and magazine without extra charge, and com- 
pleting of broken leti of leriab a ipeciality. 

trBy giving me all your orders for books 
and magatinci, you will lave the trouble and 
exfeate of writing and remitting to ieveral 
puUlihen, and have but one aocountto attend to< 

ivCorrcipondence invited and trial ordenret- 
peetfully lolidted. lo that you could lee what 
I can do- 


Quebec, Canada. 
CaUe addren i Biblio, Quebec 






1. BONNKCHOSE, Clis. ile.— Mout- 
calm et le Caniula franvitiN. PariH, 1882 
12mo, paper, map aud engravings. 


2. CASGUAIN, ral>l)6 H. R.-Gnerre 
dii Canada, 175G-1T()0. Montcalmet L»j- 
vis. 'Ju6bec, 1H91, 2 vols., 4to., por- 
traits, maps anil luitograplis. ij'S.OO 

A much sought for work and now very 

3. — FUEN<H EOITION. Tours, 
1904. 4to, clotli, profusely illustrated. 


4. — Collection des manuscrits du 
Mtvr^chal de L6vis. Quebec and Mon- 
treal, 1889-95. 12 vols. 4 to. $35.00 

This most im portaiit and now scarce col- 
lection lelating to the wars which led to 
the Conquest ot ijinad.%, was compiled and 
annotated by abb£ H.R Catgrain, tlie well 
known trench Canadian historian and 
compriseH : 

1. Journal des Campagaes dii chevalier 
de Levis en Canada de I75u-17t)0. 

2. Lettrea du chevalier de L6vls concer- 
nant la i;uerre du Canada 1756-1760. 

3. Lettrea du depart ement de la guerre 
de Veraaillea au Ba. on de Dieskau, au 
Marquis de Montcalm et au chevalier 
de Levis. 

4. Lettrea et piSces militalres, inatruc- 
tiona, ordrea, mfimoires, plans de campa- 
gne et de defense. 

6. Lettrny de Bourlamarque au chevalier 
de L6vis. 

6. Lettres de Montcalm i, Lfivia. 

7. Journal de Montcalm, 1756-1760. 

8. Lettres de Vaudreuil i. Lfivia. 

9. Lbttres de Bigot k L6vis. 
10. Lettres diverses i. Lfivis. 

h-!20|3, iq(»,i5.™ 


de dlfftrentea 

11 R«Utlont ct Jonruaaz 
exp«ditloni, 1705-1760. 
13. Table snAlytique. 

5. Montoaftu en Canada, ou lea der- 
niferes ann^es de la Dominat; .n fran- 
jaise en Amerique. Par un ancien mis- 
Bionnaire. Paris, 1867. 8vo., half calf, 
ill. Scarce. go kA 

6. DOUGHTY, A. G.-The Hiege of 
Quebec aud the Battle of the Plai js of 
Abraham. 6 volsivo,, cloth, uncut $45. 

7. —Edition de luxe, printed on 
Strathmore handmade paper. One 
copy for sale jys.oo 

This work ie the most, complete, the 
most documented «nd the most correct 
ever published. It contains nunerous 
steel lates and a ioorpe of documents he- 
retefore unpublished, reUtine to the clo- 
quesfcc'Canada. Limited edition ». few co- 
pies only for sale at subscrition price. 

8. QUEBEC HisTOKicAL Society's 
Publications : -A Dialogue in Hade 
A Parallel of Military Errors of which 
the 1 rench and English armies were 
guilty, dnnng the compaign of 1769 in 
Canada. Attributed to Chevalier Johns- 
tone. 8vo. II OQ 

9.~Compaign of 1760 in Canada. A 
Narrative attributed to Chevalier 
Johnstone. 8vo. $0.75 

10. — Journal of the Expedition rp 
theftiverSt. Lawrence. 1759. $0.75 

11. —Journal of the siege of Que- 
bec, 1760, by General Jas. Murray. 8vo. 

io AX •lOO 

1^. — A Journal of the Expedition 

up the Eiver St. Lawreace. 8vo. $0 75 

13. —General orders in Wolfe's ar- 
my during the Expedition up the 
Kiver Mt. Lawrence, 1759, 8vo. |1 (X) 

14 —Hifegede Quebec en 1759. Jour- 
nal de ' <!laude Panet. 8vo. 10.75 

15. >\ -Orders, memoirs, anec- 

dotes connected with the XX Kegiment. 
Printed at the "Midden Press", bv 
Frederick Walking Barlow, lieutenant, 
Hecond Battalion XX Kegiment. $10 03 

HnTonlS'^u piinted for private circula- 
tlon only. Kure. 


16 CODMAN, John.-Arnold'sexpfl. 

t oil to Quebec. New York, 1902. 8vo. 

• »'4 nn 

17. PAUCHBItde .Saint-Maurice.- 
Notes pour sorvir a I'hi.^toire des offi- 
ciersde hiiuaiiueet de I'arm^e fran- 
Saisequioi.t foit Ja guerre de l'Ind6- 
penda.ico Am^rir-aine. Quebec, 1896. 
Ky. 8vo, liuiited edition and scarce. 

1 ft XT . ^3 50 

„z x'~;^;!*''^ Pourservira I'histoire du 
g^..6ral l{,c.. ,1 Montgomery.Montreal, 
IbJS. 8q 8vo, paper, uncut, portrait, 
13 5(f ^" "''^ '''®'^^ of Quebec. 

Limited edition. Oontalng historical in- 
formation not to be found elsewhere 

OnfK r,\ -^a^es -At the Siege of 
Quebec. Illustrated by F. A. Carter 
Philadelphia, 1887. 12n.o., cloth, Se*^ 

20. QUEBEC HistohicalSociet;^2 
PuBLicATiON8.-The In- nsion of Cana- 


da in J 775. Letter attributed to Major 
Henry Caldwell, 8 vo $i.00 

21. — JonrnaldoH operations de I'ar- 
tu^e ani^ricaine lors de 1 'invasion du 
Caradu en 177fi 76, par J. B. Badeaiix. 
^vo. ,j(2.oo 

' 22.-Joarnal of the siege and Itlockade 
of (Quebec by the American Rebels, in 
autumn 1775 and winter 177G. Attri- 
buted to Hugh Finlay. 8vo. «!1.00 

2.3.-Siege and Blockade of Quebec by 
Montgomery and Arnold. 8vo. $1.00 

24.-Centenary Fete at Quebec, 1875. 
8vo. $1.00 

'25. — Melsheimer's Journal of Bruns- 
wick Auxiliaries in 1721. 8vo. $1.00. 

20. TCJBCOTTE, L. P.— Invasion du 
Gaimda et si^e de Quebec en 1775 76. 
Quebec, 1776. 8vo, paper, uncut. 82.50. 

Pablished at the centenary celebration of 
Montgomery repulse at Quebec in 1775-76. 

27. VERRBAU, abb6 H. A.-Inva- 
sion du Canada. Collection de m^moires 
cueillis et annot^s. Montreal, 1878. 
3 vols. 8vo, paper, uncul. t8.00 

Oontains game important dooumenta rela- 
ting to the American Invasion of 1776, by 
Montgomery and Arnold. Very limited 

VAR OF 1812- J5 

28. CRUIK8HANK, Lieut. -Col. B. 
—The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814. 


29. — The Battle of Queenstown 
Heights. 8vo., 46 p. $0.25 

30.— Tli« fight in the Beechwoods. 

8vo.. 32 p. ^,,25 

31.— The Story of Batler's KoDKern. 

8vo., 114 p. 1,5,, 

32.— Drummond'H Winter Canipaiirn. 
8vo. 30 p. *^,„\.5 

33. — Do(!nmenrary History of the 
Campaign on Hie Ningura Frontier, 
t parts 8vo. ji7.5(, 

34. EDGAR, Mrs. J. D.— Ten years 
of Upper Canada in peace and war. 
1805-1818. Toronto. 8vo, cl. $1 50 

35. PITZGIBBON. Mary Agnes.- 
A veteran of 1812. Tlie Life of Lieut. - 
Col. James Pitzgibbon, the Hero of 
Beaver Dam. Toronto, 12mo., cl., por 
and ill. ,1 50 

36. KKAD, I). B.-Life and times of 
Governor Simooe. Toronto, 1890. 8vo', 
cl., ill. J2.50 

37. SULTE, Benjamin.— La Bataille 
de Chateanguay. Quebec, 1899. 8vo., 
paper, uncut, portraits and plan^. 500 
numbered copies printed. $1.60 

38. Same, edition de luxe, 20 copies 
printed. ^3 Oo 

*v'''^u**"'y detailed Canadian account of 
the Chateaneuay battle. In Octobfr 1812, 
between Hampton's and Salaberrv'a 
armies. ^ 


39. BOIiTHWICK, J. !>.— Jubil6 de 
Diamant. Rebellion de 1837-38. 12mo. 
limited edition. $1 50 

40. BROWN, 

T. S.— 1837 and 


connection with it. Quebec, 1890. 8vo, 
limited edition. ^1 50 

41. CARRIER, L. N._ Lea ^vfene- 
ments de 1837 38. Quebec, 1877. 12mo 
194 p. scarce. |2 00 

42. DAVID, L. O.-Les Patriotes de 
1837-38. Montr(5al, n.d. 8vo, paper out 
of print. ^2.50 

43. GLOBBNSKI.-La rebellion de 
1837 k Haint Eustacho. Prdc6d6 d'un 
expose politique de la situation politi- 
que du Canada depuis la ceasiou. Que- 
bec, 1843. 8vo, paper, 4-334 p., por- 
trait. ScHrce. $3 00 


41. BKAUBIEX, I'ahb^ C. P.— Le 
Sault-au-K^colIet. Moutr^al, 1898. Ry 
ovo, ill. ^g 00 

45. BECH\RD, A.— L'lleaux Grues 
et les lies Adjaeeotes, 8vo. $0.75 

46. BOIS, I'abb^ L. E.-L'Ile d'Or- 
Wans. Quebec. 1895. 8vo, map. $1 00 

47. BOYLE, David.-Historyof the 
Township of Scaboro, Ontario. Toronto. 
1896. 12mo., cl. $1.00 

48. CALNEK, W. A.-History of the 
County of Anuapolia, including old 
Port Royal and Acadia. Witli biogra- 
phical ^ tches and genealogical re- 
cord.'». Completed and edited by Judge 
Savary. Toronto, 1897, Ry. 8vo., cl., 
piirs. and ills. |3 50 

49. CARNOCH vN, Janet. -Centen- 
nial of St. Andrew's, Nirtgara. 1794 
1894. Toronto, 1895. 12nio. cl., ill. $1.00 

50. CASGRAIN,l'abMRen6— L'An- 
geGardien. Quebec, 1«03. 12mo. $1.00 

51. DAY, Mrs. C. M.— Pioneers of 
the Eastern Townships. Montreal, 1863. 
12mo., cl., rare. $3.50 

52. DESBRISAY.JndgeM.B.— His- 
tory of the County of Lnnenberg, Nova- 
Scotia. Toronto, 1895. 8vo. cl., map and 
ills. $2.50 

53. DUGAS, l'abb6 A. C— Histoire 
de la paroisse de 8aint-Liguori. Mont- 
real, 1902. 8vo, por. $1.50 

54. DUGAS, l'abb6 G.— Histoire de 
la paroisse de Bainte-Anne des Plaines. 
Montreal, 1900. 8vo, ill. $1.50 

55. BDGAE, Sir James. — Canada 
and its capital. With sketches of poli- 
cal and social life at Ottawa. Toronto, 
1898. 8vo., cl., 21 ills. $2.50. 

56. GAGNON, Ernest. — Le Palais 
L6gislatif de Quebec. Quebec, 1897. 
12mo., paper, ill. $0.75 

57. — Le Fort et le Chd.tean Saint-Louis 
Quebec, 1895. 12mo., paper, ill. $'^.00 

58. GOW, John M.— Cape Breton : 
Historic, Picturesque and Descriptive. 
Oblong 8vo., cl. 30 full-page photo- 
engravings. $2.50 

59. HARRIS, Rev. Dean.— The Ca- 
tholic Church in the Niagara Peninsu- 
la. 1626-1895. Toronto, 1895. 8vo., cl. 
num. ills. $3.00 

60. HUARD, I'abb* V.-A.— Labra- 
brador et Anticosti. Montreal, 1897. 
8vo., ill. $2.00 

61. — Mgr Dominique Racine, premier 

6vfeque de Chicoutimi. Quebec, 1889. 
8vo., por. Sl.OO 

62. KIRBY, William. — Annals of 
Niagara, 18»6. 8vo. *0.75 

ti3. OWEN, Egbert, A. — Pioneer 
sketches of Long Point Settlement. Nor- 
folk's foundation Builders and tbeir 
Family genealogy. Toronto, 1897. 8vo, 
cl. pors. and ills. $2.50 

64. ROSA, N. — La construction des 
navires k Quebec, grfeves et naufrages. 
Qu6bep, 1897. 12mo. fO.75 

65. ROY, J.-Edmond.— Histoire de 
la Seigneurie de Lauzon. Ldvis, 1897- 
1905. 6 vols., Roy. 8vo., maps, plans 
and illustrations. 19.00 

Veil 6 and lasi is in course of prepaiatiou 

66. SCHMIDT, Dr. — Monographie 
de rile d'Anticosti. (Golfe Saint-Lau- 
rent.) Paris, 1904. Ry. 8vo., several 
illustrations. $3.50 

67. SCOTT, l'abb6. — Une paroiss© 
historique de la Nonvelle-France. No- 
tre-Damede Saiute Foy. Quebec, 1902. 
8vo., num. ills. Very limited edition 
and scarce. $5.00 

68. SIROIS, l'abb6 N. J.— Monogra- 
phic du Cap Saint-Ignace. 1672-1903. 
8vo., ill. $1.00 

69. TETU, Mgr H.— Histoire du Pa- 
lais Episcopal de Quebec. Quebec, 1896. 

12mo., paper, uncut, ill. 


70. CHADWICK, E. M.-Outariaa 


Genealogies of 


the United 

Empire Loyalists and other Pioneer 
Families of Upper Canada. Toronto, 
18951898. 2 vols.. 4to., bds , 32 tull- 
page steel plates. Very limited edition. 

71. DESAULNIBR9, P. L. — Les 
vieilles families de Yamachiche. Mont- 
real, 18981900. 3 vols., 8vo., pors. 


72.— Kecherches gdndalogiques sur 

les families Gravel, Cloutier, Bruneau, 

Dufresne, Proulx, Douville, Charest, 

Buisson, Tessier, etc. Montreal, 1902. 

8vo. $2.00 

73. ROY, P. G.— La famille Tasche- 

reau. L^vis, 1901. 8vo., paper, uncut, 

pors. ' $5.00 

74.— La famille Fremont. L6vis, 1901. 

Svo., paper, pors. $2.50 

75. — La famille Duchesnay. L^vis, 

1901. 8vo., paper, uncut, pors. $6.00 

76. — La famille d'Bstimauville. L6- 

vis, 1903. 8vo., paper, uncut, pors. 


L6vis, 1904, 






L6vis, 1905. 

• 77.— La famille Tache. 
Svo., paper, uncut, pors. 

78. — La famille Tonuancourt. 

1904. 8 vo., paper, uncut, pors.? 
79. — La famille de Salaberry. 

1905. 8vo., paper, uncut, pors. 
80. — La famille Panet. 

Svo., paper, uncut, pors. 

81. — La Famille Robert de la Moran- 
difere. L^vis, 1905, 8vo., portraits. 

200 copies printed 


82— La tamille Panet. L^vis, 1905, 
8vo., portrait. 

200 copies printed. In press. 

73— La Famine Aubert de Gasp4. 
L^vis, 1905, Svo., pors. 

200 copies printed. It preparation 

All tlie above genealogical works were 
privately printed and issued at 100 to 200 

84. TANGUAY. L'abb6 Cypiieu.— 
Dictionnaire g^n^alogique dea families 
Canadiennes Franyaises. Montreal, 1870- 
1890, 7 vols. 8vo., cloth. $28.00 

Tliia monumental work, at wiiich tlie 
author spent 30 years of bis life, gives the 
genealogy of French Canadian families, 
from the foundation of the Coloi>y, in ItiOS 
to the Conquest in 1760, with numerous 
historical and biographical notes. 

85. TfiTU, Mgr. H.— Historique des 
families TStu, Bonenfant, Dionoe et 
Perrault. Quebec, 1898. Sm. 4to., 
paper uncut, pors., 100 copies printed 
for private circulation. $15.00 



86. B A BAG A, Bishop. — A grammar 
and Dictionary of the Otchipwe lan- 
guage. Jklontreal, 1879. 8vo., paper, 
XI-. 2-301 p. $5.00 

First edition printed at Cincinnati in 

87. JlSSUITBS.- Le Journal de J6- 
saites, public d'apr^s le manuscrit ori- 
ginal conserve aux Archives du S6mi- 
naire de Quebec. Par MM. les abb6s 


Laverdifere et Casgrain. Quebec, 1871. 
4to. , half new morocco. $50.00 

frnml'S™'***^^""'^ ^^ ""P*®* were saved 
from a Are at the printer's e-tHbUshment. 
Onecopy was sold $75.00 some years ajro 
to the Hon L. R. Wesson. ^ 

88.— Second edition. Montreal, 1893. 

89. LACOMBB, Rev. A. - Dict^on^ 
naire de la langue des Oris, — Gram- 
maire de la langue des Oris. Montreal,. 
18/4. 8vo, XX 711111.190 p. Scarce 

J>0. LAURENT.-New familiar Abe- 
naki8 and English dialogues. The 
Abenakis alphabet. The Key to pro- 
nounciation, and many grammatical 
explanations. To which is added the 
etymology of Jndian names to certain 
ocalities, rivers, lakes, etc. Quebec, 
1884. 12mo., paper. Bare. .«6 00 

Was never delivered to the author. ' A 
few copies only saved from the junk store 
Only one copy available. * store. 

91. LINDSAY, l'abb6 Lionel -Notre- 
IJaiue de la Jeune Lorette f n la Nou- 
vell«-France. Montreal, 1901. 8vo cl 
illustrated. ^'^ /^ 

82. MACI BAN, JOHN. - Life of 
James Evans, inventor of the Syllabic 
System of the Cree language. Toronto, 
12mo., cl. Q ^g 

93.- Savage Polk. Toronto. 8vo..Vl 
642 p. ill. (B). «A .,: 

94. MAURAULT, abb6 J. A.-His 
toire des Abdnakis depuis 1605 jusqu'i 


Sorel, 1866. 8vo., 

nos jours. Sorel, 1S60. ov"-, 5U p. 

briel.— Le grand voyage da pays des 
Hurons de la Nonvelle-France dite 
Canada. Avec un Dictionnaire de la 
langue Huronne. Paris. 1866. 8vo calf 
extra, gilt top, uncut, scrace. «10.0U 
TroBB' faoglmlle repriQt. 
96. YOUNG, EGBRTON «• ' fy 
Canoe and Dog train among the Cree 
and Saulteaux Indians. l2mo., cl.^ m^ 

97 -Stories from Indian Wigwams 
and>orthern Camp-fires. 12mo.,^^ci., 

'"bs.-Oowikapun ; or, How the Gospel 
reached the Selson River Indians. 
12mo., cl. ill., 

99 —ACTS of the general Assembly 
of Prince Edward Island from th«l«:^'a^ 
blishment of the Legislature, ui 1 .73 to 
1834. With a copious ^"dex^har^tte- 
town, 1834. 4to., sheep, 808 p. Raie^ 

100. BIBAUD, M.-Histoire du Ca- 
nada. Montreal, 1843-1844. 2 vols^sm. 
8vo., original boards. ,.,* ^nt 

First volumo of the second edition, but 
idSal in blading and fc m to the first 

fight with France for North America 
Toronto, 8vo., cl., ill. J^ «? 

102.— American edition. »tfOJ 


103.— Canada in the Twentieth Cen- 
tury. New-Yorlc, N. D. 8vo, cl. prof, 
ill. 'Hm\' ^ $3.75 

104. BRYCE, Kev. George.— John 
Black, the Apostle of the Ked River. 
Toronto, 12mo., cl. pors and illp. $1.00 

105. BUIES, Arthur.— Le Saguenay 
et le Lac Saint- Jean. Quebec, 1896. 
Svo num. ill. Edition de luxe $1.50 

106. — L'Outaouais Sup^rieur. Que- 
bec, 1887. 12mo, ;il, map. $1.00 

107. — La Valine de la MatapMia. 
Quebec, 1897. Svo, ill. $0.50 

108. CANIFF, Wm.— The Medical 
profession of Upper Canada. Toronto. 
8vo., cl., pors. $3.00 

109. CASGKAIN, I'abbd H. R,— 
CBu vres com pletes. 4 vols 8vo. , paper, 
uncut. $6.00 

110.— Histoire de l'H6tel-Dieu -'e 
Qu6bec. Quebec, 1878. 8vo. $2.00 

111.— Unpfel6rinage,au pays d'Evan- 
g^line. Quebec, 1887. 8vo., map. Scarce. 


112. — Une Seconde Aiadie. L'lle 
Saint- Jean — He du Prince- Edouard — 
sous le r^gine francais. Quebec, 1894. 
8vo., numerous plans and maps." Scarce 


113. -Les Sulpiciens et les pr^tres 
des missions ^traugferes en Acadie. 
Quebec, 1897. 8vo., ill., Scarce. $2.50 

114. CHAPAIS, Hon. T.— Discours 
et conferences. Quebec, 1897. Svo. $1.25 

115. — Jean Talon, iutendant de la 


Nouvelle- France. Quebec, 1903. 8vo. 
out-of-print. $2.50 

116. — Melanges de pol4miqnes reli- 
gienses et lit^rairea. Quebec, 190S, 
8vo. $1.25 

117. CHOUINABD, H. J. J. — FSt« 
nationale das Ganadiens-Fran^aiH c6\&- 
br6e en 188u. Quebec, 1881. 8vo., 
scarce. $5 00 

118.— FSte nationale dea Canadiens- 
Francais 1881 k 1889. Quebec, 1890. 
8vo, scarce. $1.50 

119. — Annales de la 8oci6t6 StJean- 
Baptiste de Quebec, 2 vols Gvo. $3.50 

120. CLEMENT, M. H. R.— The His- 
tory of Canada. Toronto, 12nio., maps, 
pors. and ill. 0.50 

121. COLLECTION de raanuacrits 
contenant lettres, in^nioires, et autres 
docnments relatifs h la Nouvelle-France. 
Quebec, 1883 1885. 4 vols. 4to., avera- 
ging 600 pages each. $25.00 

Important and scRcce. The first volnmes 
are rare. 

122. CONANT, THOMAS. — Upper 
Canada Sketches. Toronto, 1898. 8vo., 
cl. 21 full page colored ill. $3.50 

123. CKOIL, JAMBS.— Steam navi- 
gation iu its relation to the Commerce 
of Canada and the United States. 
Toronto, 1898. 12mo., cl. num. il. 1.50 

The Story of the Union Jack. How it 
grew and what it is. particulary in its 
connection 'ith the History of Canada. 
Toronto, 1897, 12mo., cl. col. ills. 1 .50 


125. DE GA.ZB3, PAUL.— Notes Bur 
le Canada. Qa^bec, 1880 12mo., clo. 


126. DEGA8Pfi,P. A.— Lea anciens 
Oanadiens. Montreal, 1884. 8vo. clo. 


127.— Canadians of old. Translated 
by Mrs. Penn^e. 8vo., clo., Scarce. 


128. DIONNE, N. E.— Jaoqnea-Car- 
tier. Quebec, 1889. 12mo., 344 p. 
Scarce. $2.25 

129. — La Nouvelle-Frauce de Cartier 
ib Cham plain. Quebec, 1891. 8vo., 391 p. 
ill.. Scarce. $2.50 

130. — Samuel Champlain. Histoire 
de sa vie et de sesi voyiges. Quebec, 
1381. 8vo., por., and ill., Scarce. $2.50. 

131. Vie de C. F. Painchaud, Fonda- 
teur du College de Ste Anne de la Poca- 
tifere. Quebec, 1894. 8vo., 446 p., ill. 


132.— Mgr. Forbia Jauson, 6v£qne de 
Nancy. Sa vie et son oenvre an Canada 
Qa6bec, 1895. 12mo.,por. ' $1.25 

133.— John and Sebastian Cabot. 
Quebec, 1898. 4to., 125 numbered 
copies issued. $1.00 

134, — Hennepin, ses voyages et ses 
ceuvres. Quebec, 1897. 4to., 150 num- 
bered copies issued. $1.00 

135. — Une grande figure de prfitre. 
L'abb6 Gabriel Eichard, cur6 de De- 
troit. Quebec, 1902. 

136. — Serviteurs et servantes de Dieu 


en Canada. Montreal, 1903. 8vo., cl. 
pors. |].5(> 

137. — Leseccl^siastiqnes et les roya- 
listes fran^ais r«fugi^n au (.'anada pen- 
dant la revolution frangaise. Quebec, 
1904, 8vo., cl., ill., ontofprint. $1.75 

138. EDGAR, PELHA3I.— The Ro- 
mance of Canadian History. Edited 
from the writings of Francis Parkman. 
8vo., cl., ill. $1.60 

139. (FAILLON, I'abW).— Histoire 
de la colonic fran^aise en Canada. 
Villemarie (Paris) 1865 1 860. 3 vols. 
4to., paper, uncut, por., map and plans. 
Scarce. 15.00 

RICE. — Loin du pays. Souvenirs d'Eu- 
rope, d'Afrique et d'Am^rique. Que- 
bec, 1889. 2 vols. 8vo., 416-658 p. 
Scarce. $6.00 

141 — Notes pour servir k I'histoire 
de I'empereur Maximilien. Quebec, 
1889. 8va., 228 p., por. $2.00 

142. — De tribord d. babord. Trois 
croisiferes dans le golfe Saint Laurent. 
Montreal, 1877. 8vo, 459 p. Scarce 


143. — La question du jour. Resterons 
nous Fran^ais. Quebec, 1890. 8vo, 
140 p. limited edition. $2.00 

144. — Honnl soit qui mal y pense. 
Notes sur la formation du franco- 
normand et de I'anglo-saxon. Montreal, 
1885. 12mo., 85 p. $1.00 

145.— Les 6tats de Jersey et la langue 





fran^aise. Montreal, 1893. 12ino., 02 p. 

14t>— En route. Hept Jonis dans left 
provinces maritimes. (ju^beo, 1888. 
8vo.,280p. $1.60 

147 — De Quebec & Mexico. 8ouveuirs 
de voyage, d'' i;arnison8, de combat et 
bivouac. Montreal, 1874. 2 vols 8vo., 
half nior. new. ScHrce. jj55.0(> 

148. FKRLAND, l'abb4 J. B. A.— 
Cours d'histoire du Canada. Quebec, 
1861 65. 2 vols 8vo., half morocco. HfS.OO 

Oopy with the pliitnn Reldom to be found- 

149. — Copy without the plates. *5.«)0 

150. GAGNON, EUNEHT. — Louis 
Joliet, d^couvreur du Mississipi, pre- 
mier seigneur de I'lle d'Anticosti. 
Quebec, 1903. 8vo., cl., ill., limited 
edition. $2.00 

151. — Choses d'Autrefois. Feuilles 
^parses. Quebec, 1905, 12mo. 81.25 

152. GAENEAU,F.X.— Histoiredo 
Canadi. Pr^cM^e d'une notice biogra- 
phique de I'autenr par P. J. O. Chau- 
veau. 4i6me Edition. Montreal, 1882. 
4 vols 8vo., paper, uncut. $6.00 

153. GESNRB, ABEAHAM.— New- 
Brunswick. With notes for imiiiigriint» 
London, 1847. Ey 8vo., cl. ill. uncut. 


164. GIROUABD, D. — Lake St- 

Louis Old and New. Columbian fdition 

Montreal, 1892. Ry 8vo., prof. ill. 

Limited edition and Scarce. $7.00' 

155. — Supplement. $2.75 


1B«. QUAY, M(tr V. — Lettres sur 
I'lle d'Anticosti. Montrtel, 190i. 8vo^ 
paper, uncut. ^..„„ ; 

157. HODOIN, J. OBOROB.-Le- 
gislation and hmtory of separfttfi 
Schools in Upper Canada. 18411878. 
Toronto, 1897 8vo., cl. *1»« 

158. HBUBIN, J. P. — Grand Pr6. 
A Sketch of Aoa ien occupation. To- 
ronto, 1898. 12mo., paper. 0.50 

159 .TnGBMBNTsietD«ib6ration8du 
CouKeil Souverain de la Nouvelle- 
France. Qu6bec, 1885- 1891. 6vol8 4to., 
of over 1000 pages each, au^og^PJ?,^- _ 

The ttr»t volume, are «nob*»tn«;^!f- " 
<sont8lne a mine of historical informa- 
tions. „^^ -m- 

160. LATHBBN, Rev. JOHN.-Life 
of Judge Wilmot. 12mo. cl. 0.7;) 

161. LeMOINB, J. M.— Les pfeche- 
rieadu Canada Quebec, 1863. SmSvo., 
<5l. Very Scarce. „. foOO 

162 —L' Album du Tounate. Hietoire, 
Arch6ologie, Sport. Qu6bec, 1£72, 8vo., 
half calf. Scarce. . •300 

183.— Monographies et esquisses Que- 
bec, 1885, 8vo. f2.50 

164 —Quebec past and present. A 
History of Quebec. 16081876. Quebec, 
1876. 8vo., cl. very scarce. »o-00 

leS.—Picturesque Quebec. A sequel 
to Quebec Past aud Present. Montreal, 
1882. 6V0.. cl. Very scarce. f&.OO 

166.— Annals of the Port of Quebec. 
<iuebec, 1901. 8vo., map. «l-00 


167. TASCHERBAU. — Le Premier 
i^ardinalCanadien. Quebec, 1886. 8vo., 
<si. «1.60 

168. LIZAKS, KobinaandKatherine 
M.— In the days of the ('anada ('om- 
pany. Story of the settlement of the 
Huron Tract. Toronto, 1896. 8vo.,cl. 
ill. $1.50 

169.— Humonrs of 37 : grave, gay 
and erim. Toronto, 1897. 12 mo., cl. 


170. LOWER Canada Reports on the 
Seigniorial Questions. Vols. A. and B. 
1856. 2 vols. 8vo., boards, uncut, very 
scarce. $10.00 

171. MA8SIC0TTE,E. Z. -Conteurs 
<'anadien8-Fran5ais, L^ontr^l. $0.75 

172. Mc(;URDY, J. P.— Life and 
Vorlc of D. J ' acdondell. Toronto, 
12mo., cl,, pors -nd ills. $1.50 

173. MoDOlJG V.LL Rev. John.— 
Life of Rev. Oeor^^ McDougall. Toron- 
to. 12mo., cl. $1.00 

174. MORGAN, H. J. —Canadian 
men and women of the Time. A Bio- 
giaphioal Dictionary of prominent and 
eminent persons belonging to Canada. 
Toronto, 1898, 8vo., cl., 1150 p. $ 3.00 

175. — Sketches of celebrated Cana- 
dians. Montreal, 1865. Roy. 8vo., cl. 
Bare. $6.00 

176. MURRAY, HUGH.— An his- 
torical and descriptive account of Bri- 
tish America. New-York, 1840. 2 vols. 
12mo., cl. Scarce. t3.00 

177. MYRAND, ERNEST. — Une 


fMe de Noel sous Jacques Carlier. 
Quebec, 1890. 8vo, ill. Scarce $2.5<> 
178 —Noels anoiens de la Nouvelle- 
France. Etude historique. Qn6bee, 
1899. Svc, ill. Scarce. f3.50 

179. — Frontenac et sea amis. Quebec, 
1903. 8vo, ill. Scarce §3.50 

180.— Sir William Phipps devant 
Quebec. Histoire d'un sifege. (Ju^bec, 
1893. 8vo., ill. Scarce. $3.50 

181. NUMISMATICS. Breton, P. N. 
—Illustrated History of Coins and 
Tokens relatinjj to Caui^.a. In French 
and English. 8vo., 240 p. 11 por. 3 ills.^ 
— $!2.00 

Jos. — Numisnatic 
2nd edition, revised 
facsimiles. «-6.00 

183. PAKKER, Gilbert and Bryan, 
Claude G.— Old Quebec, the Fortress of 
New France. Toronto, n. d. Roy. 8vo. 
cl., gilt top, pre'', ill. 

184. READ, D. B.— Life and 
of major. Gen. Sir Isaac Brock, 
ronto, 12mo. cl., por. 

186._The Canadian Rebellion of 
1837. Toronto, 1896. 8vo., cl., pors. 


186. RICHATJDEAU, l'abb6 P. F.— 
Vie de la R4v6rend mfere Marie de 
rincarnation, premifere sup^rieure des 
Ursulines de Quebec. Paris, 1873, Ry, 
8vo., half calf, por. Scarce $4.U0 

A history of Canada. Toronto, 1899. 

998 facsiiiiies. 

182. LEROXIX, 
Atlas for Canada, 
and increased. 378 


8vo., cl., ill-. 



188. ROCHBMONTBIX, Rev. Ca- 
TOille de— Les J^snites et la Nouvelle- 
France aa ITifeme sifecle. Paris 1895 9Ji 

3 vols 8vo.. maps. $7.30 

189. BOY, J. Bdmoad.— Histoire da 
Notariat au Canada. L6vi8, 1897-1904. 

4 vols., 8vo., portraits. $20.00 

190. TYRRELL. J. W.— Across the 
Sub- Arctics of Canada. A journey of 
3,200 miles by canoe and snowshoe 
through the Barren lands. Toronto, 
1897, Svo ,cl., ill. !?loO 

191. T^TU, Mgr. H. — Les 6v6ques 
de Quebec. Notices biographiques. 
<Jn6bec, 1889. 8vo., paper uncut, 692p 
17 pors. 83.00 

192.— David Tfetu et les Raiders de 
Saint- Alban : Episode de la guerre 
am6ricaine, 1864-1865. Quebec, 1891. 
I2mo, 81-25 

193. T^TU, Mgr. H., et GAGNON, 
Mgr. O. O.— Mandenients, lettres pavS- 
torales et circilaires des ^vfefjues tie 
Quebec, 1887-1890. 8 vols., Svo. paper, 
uncut, pors. i$J0.00 

194. Winslow Papers. A. D. 1776- 
1876, Edited by Rev. W. O. Raymond. 
St John, 1901. Roy., 8vo., cl., 732 p. 
16 ill. «400 

195. WITHROW, W. H.— A popu- 
lar History of Canada. Toronto. Roy. 
8vo.,ol.,ill. «3"0 

196. — Our Own (Country. Canada 
scenic and Descriptive. Roy. 

num. ills. 


197. WRONG, Geo. — The British 


nation. 8vo., cl., ill., pors. $1.50 

198.— Review Historical pablication» 
relating to Canada. 1896-9 1. Eoy., Svo., 
out-of-print. $2,00 

198.— For 1897. out-of-print. »3.00 
200.— For 1898. out-of-print. $2.00 
201.— For 1899. out-of-print. $2.00 
202.— For laoo. $1.60 

203.— For 1901. $1.50 

204.- For 1902. $1.50 

205.— For 1903. «1.50 

206.— For 1904. $.150 


tory of British Columbia from its ear- 
liest discovery to the present time. To- 
ronto, 1894. Ey. 8vo., cl. 568 p., 118 
por. and ill. 83 oo 

208. DUG AS l'abb6 G.— L'Ouest 
Canadien, sa d^couverte. Montreal, 
1896. 8 vo., maps iind ill. $2.00 

209. — Histoire v^ridique des faits 
qui out pi^par6 le mouvement des m6- 
b^s k la Riviere Rouge en 1869. Mont- 
real, 1905. 12mo. $1.25 

210. HENRY— 1 ravels and adven- 
tures of Alexander Henry. New edi- 
tion with notes by James Bain. 8vo., 
cl., limited edition. $5 00 

211. HILL, ROBERT B.— The His 
tory of Manitoba, Toronto, 1890. 12 
mo. cl., ill. $1 00 

212. MACBETH, R. G.— The Selkirk 
settlers in real life. Introduction by 

Lord Btrathcona. Toronto, 18»7. 12mo. 
cl., tl.OO 

213. — The making of the C'anadiaa 
Wesi, Being the Reminiscences of an 
eye-witness. Toronto, 1905. 12mo., cl., 
ill. $1.50 

214. MASSON. L. R.—Les bourgeois, 
de la Compagnie du Nord Quest. Que- 
bec 1889-1890. 2 vols 4to., limited edi- 
tion and Scarce. $10.00 

215. McNAUGHTON. M. — Over- 
land to Cariboo. An eventful journey to 
the gold Fiids of British Columbia in 
1862. 12mo.,cl., ill. '31.00 

216. McDOUGALL, John.— Forest, 
Lake and Prairie. Twenty ypars of 
frontier life in Western Canada. 1842- 
1862. 12mo.. cl., ill. >rl.00 

2iea. — SLED, Saddle, and i-i ow- 
sboe. Pioneering on the Saskat« Invan 
iu the 60'8. 12mo., cl., ill. •• l.OO 

2166.— Pathfinding on Plain and 
Prairie. Stirring scenes of life in the 
Canadian North West. 12mo., cl., ill. 


217. PROULX, I'abbd J. B.— A la 
Baie d'Hudson, ou la premiere visite 
pastorale de Mgr. N. Z. Lorrain. Mon- 
1891. Roy. 8vo. 81. 00 

218. TASSfi, Joseph.— LesCanadiens 
del'Ouest. Montreal, 187^. 2 vols.cloth, 
port and ills. Scarce. $4.50 

219. WILLSON, Beckles. — The 
Great Company. Being a History of the 
Honorable Company of merchants 
adventurers trading in the Hudson's 


Bay. Toronto, 1899, Roy. 8vo., cl . 
prof. ill. $4.0 ) 

220. YOU\a. George. — Maaitol) I, 
memories. Reminiscences of the early 
years of the Prairie Province. Toronto. 
1S97. 12mo.,cl..ill., $1.00 


221. CHAMBBRLIN, Mrs. — (;ana- 
dion wild Flowers. With Botanical 
descriptions by Mrs. Traill. 10 plates 
colored by hand. $0.00 

222. DIONNB, C. B.— Les oiseaux 
dn Canadi. Quebec, 1883. 8vo., ill., 
Scarce. $3.50 

223. — Catalogue des oiseaux de la 
Province de Qu6bec. Qu6bec, 1889. 
8vo., Scarce. $2.50 

224. — Les aaainmif^res dela Province 
de Qu6bec. - Qn6bec, 1902. 8vo., ill. 

Si. 50 

225. Le Naturaliste Canadien. 1869 
1905. First series, 20 vols., second se- 
ries 11 vols.. Together 31 vols 8vo., 

ill- $75.00 

The only Magazine devoted to Natural 
History published in French in America. 
The flrst seriesis very rare. 

22«. MclLWRAITH, Thomas. — 
The Birds of Ontario. A concise des 
cription of every spemes of bird 
known to have been found in Ontario 
with a description of their eggs. Toronto 
2nd ed. 8vo., cl., ill. $2.50 

227. MONTPETIT, A. N.-Les pois- 
sons d'eau douce. Montreal 1895. By 


8vo., paper, uncut, several colored pla- 
tes and numerous illustrations 85 OO 
22S. PATTILLO. T. R.-Moose 
Hunting Salmon Fishing and other 
sports in Canada. Loudon, 1902 V2mo 
<='•» '»• .?1.50 

229. TEAILL.Mrs. Catharine Parr.— 
Pearls and Pebbles ; or, notes of an old 
Naturalist. 12 mo., cl., ill. 81 5(> 

230. WILLMOTT, Arthur B. — The 
Mineral wealth of Canada. Toronto 
1897. 12 mo. cl. .«! od 

231. WINTLE, En- . St D. -The 
Birds of Montreal. Montreal, 1896. 
Sq. 8vo., silk cloth, ill. .$2.5(> 


232. CEEMAZIE, Octave.-CEiivrep, 
completes, publi^es sous le patronage 
de rinstitut Canadien de (^u^bec. 
Montreal 1883. 8vo., paper uncut. 

Cremazie is considered as the National 
Foet of the French Canadians. 

233. CEOWLEY, Mary Catherine.— 
A Daughter of New Prance. 12mo , 
c'>ill- 81.50 

233o. — The Heroine of the Strait. 
A Eomance of Detroit in the time of 
Pontiae. 12mo., cl., ill. ?1 50 

234. —Love thrives in war. 12 iqo 
*^'- i"- ^ sl.50 

235. FRECHETTE, LoTiis.- < l.rist- 
luas in French-Canada. Toronto, 1899. 
ovo., cl., ill. .^2.00 

281.— La Noel au Canada. Toronto, 
1899, 8vo., cl., ill., $2.0<> 

25 • 

237. HUSTON, J. — Le Repertoire 
national, ourecueil de litt^rature C^ana- 
dienne. Montreal. 1893. 4 vols., 8vo. 


238. LeMAY, L. p.— Le Pfelerin de 
Sainte Anne. Picounoc le uaiidit. 
<3u6bec, 1877-1878. 4 vols 12mo., uncut. 
Very scarce. 86.00 

239. LESPfiRANCE, John. — Les 
Basti>iiii:iis. Montreal, n.d. 8vo., ill. 


24". MACDONELL, Blanche.-Diane 

of Villc-Marie. A Romance of French 

Cantulii. 12mo., cl. $1.00 

241. MARCH AND, Hon P. G.— Me- 
langes po^tiques et litt^raires. Mont- 
real, 1900. 8vo., paper, uncut. $1.50 

242. ROBERTS, Chas. G. D.— Tlie 
Forge in the forest : An Acadian Ro- 
mance. 12;no. cl. $1.25 

243. — Around the Camp-fire. 12mo 
«! , $1.25 

244a. — By the marshes of Mimas. 
12mo. cl. $1.25 

245. WALSH. Henry Cecil. — Bon- 
homme. French-Canadian Stories and 
sketches 12 mo., cl. ill. $1.25 


246L'ALBUM des Families. Otta- 
wa, 1880 81 4 vols 4to. $10.00 

Scarce. Literary and historical. 

247. " Le Foyer Domestiqne ". Ot- 
tawa, 1376-1879. 8vo., 4to, illustrated 


Scarce. Literary and Historical. 


JSSSil-J^^'y •naj.h.ortc.l. Th' .bo" 
249 "Le (:a„ad,..Fr.„5al, •'. .!?„" 

^50. Laval University ". — A com- 
plete set of .he annuaire. (Tmnsa^- 
tions) of the Laval University from the 
ongine to date. 8vo ' «fio nf. 

Acomp.etesetlsveryrare. ^'"•*'" 

^^1. L' Album de la Minerve" 
-Moutreal, 1872-1874. 3 vols., 4to ' 
complete set. 810 on 

litlrXe. ^'««°'»-0»"-<"an and foreign 

bef 186^^^9«^''^f Canadien. "- Q„6. 
oec, 1863-1866. 4 vols 8vo., and 4 vols, 
^vo. given as premiums. .«40 00 

Le Foyer Oanadien i;, one of the moat in 
tereatrng French Canadian montSi^s ll 
tTronnV2'^^ important writings not to 
Prin^K V°y.^*'^'"« el«e, from the best 

latof .To .?'lx^"'''™*' of premiums con- 
AiSfi-. , 't''''^^*'^"'■«Canadienne de 1850 
d. pL /"'^'J'*" Chansons Pooula res 

tPiOKle by Viscount Walsh. 1866. It is now 
very rare complete with all the premium^ 

IsS lon^^o?'"",*'* '""^*''^' Montreal. 
1884-1904. 21 vols 4to. $60 00 

Le Monde Illnstrd ban eucceded to L'O- 
pinion Pnblique. It is the only fcerlons 
Uluslrated weekly in •xiKience. Its scope 
is within the bouudj of literature aud his- 
tory. Complete sets are not seldom to be. 

254. " L'Opinioa Publique ".—Mon- 
treal, 1870-1884. 14 vols., sui. folio,, 
complete set. $,S5 qq 

L'Opinion Publique is th.i first iilostiated 
French-Canadian weekly published in 
Canada. It, contains a summary of the poli- 
tical events of the week, some historical 
poetical an.l literary writings by the most 
celebrated French-Canadian writers. 

Complete sets of this weekly are beco- 
ming very scarce and pretty much sought 
for by Librarians and Book-Lovers. 

225. " Le Sauiedi ".—Montreal, 1889- 
1904. 15 vols., 4to., complete set. !?3 00 

Complete set of this ilustrated wetklv 
of literature an humour. 

250. " Les Soir^e.s Canadieiiiie.s ". 
— Eecueil de litr;6rature natiomile ()u6- 
bec. 1860 1865. 5 vols., 8vo., half calf. 

_ . , • 830.00 

itare. ( ne of the most important bv its 
score of brilliant litterateurs and historian* 
who have contributed to it 

257. "Bevue Canadienne ".-Mon- 
treal, 1864-1}»04. Complete set. 6200 00 

This magazine is the onlv French-Cana- 
dian inagazine of some importance ever 
published in Canada. It contains the best 
literary and historical writings of French- 
J./anadian authors of repute. The first vo- 
lumes are very rare and unobtainable. 

257a. " L'Abeille du S^minaire de 
Quebec. Quebec, 1848-1881. 14 vols., 
sm., 4to., complete. 8100.00 


./.Wnuse rex*.- ;i^t?„s2'.* 

?rr .PetS'p £?„■■•"« ""'-X' 
2o7i. " Bulletin des Recherches his- 

tonques. L6vi8 !,S93-]<.05 10 vols Svo 
rnna!^ f, T''^'^,' complete. S40.()6 

may be called h«"1 ™'?''=»<ne which 

p Jde'l ?t't^,i1^ ,^-%'^J- ^ot-a„d 

ce and unobtainable. ^ *°*'" 

258. piONNE, N. E.- Inventaire 
Chronologique des livres, brochures 
journaux, et revues publics daus la lau- 
gae traufaise ea la province de (Jn.:; 

*n<l signed copies issnVd ""mbered 

?89?RvTv^P'"' '" ."*^'«"°«- Q^^bec 

Catalogue of Boo^ks.'^Torou;;, S'sr 
609 copies printed «.> so 

2G1. JAMES, C. C._A BibliLra 
phie of Canadian Poetry. Toronto, 1898 
«^o., limited edition ^igj 

difn ^Hk~n ^Ik °^"t '^^ I'Institut nana- 
<lien de Quebec. Quebec, 1898 8vo., 


2616. ('BtaloRue of the Legislature of 
the Province of Quebec. Quebec. 1903 
Hvo., 747 p. ' ' 




1 onstJtutiong Am^iicaines. Paris, 1792 

2 vols., Hvo., half morocco, rare. ??6 m 
263 Album de la Kevue Canadienne 

( ontainiug : (JHAKLEH OU^KIN _ 
Koman de mceurs canadiennes, by 

r io ••>*?*"J*"^' ^"' •«» Barbarea 
du 19e sjfecle, by p. Drault, le Typhus 
de 1847, etc. Montreal, n. d. Ko^ 
8vo.,1000p.,ill.. ' gToo 

vc, 214. BBNGOUGH, J. W. _ (ari- 
cature history of Canadian political 
events. Toronto. 1886.2 vols., ito 
half morocco, profusely ill., scarce. 

265. CHAMPLAIN. _ (Euvf^^Se 
( hamplain publi^es sous lo patronage 
de l'UniverHit6 Laval, par l'abb6 ('. H 
Laverdifere. Quebec, 1870. 6 vols ' 
4to., paper uncut, maps aud plans', 
some in colors. 124 OO 

Facsimile reprint of Ohamplains' wor'ka 

266. COFFEE. -Dufour, p. S. Trai- 
tez nouveau et curieui du C'af^, du The 
etdu Ohocolat. 12mo., loose, copper- 
plates and vignettes, lover margin of 
title cut away . Very rare item . $5 . 00 

-TheBooke of Common Prayer and 


administration of the Saorements and 
other Rites and Ceremonies, according 
the Use of the (Jhurch of England : 
Together with the Psalter or Psalms of 
David, etc. Oxford, M. Jackson and 

i^iQ Tr "',o"1**" *« '^« University, 
1793. Fo 10 12X19 in, full sheep, lowei? 
part of binding broken, catalogued by 
*°2WSr?T??vrf"'; at$30.0o! $10.00 
f J^>;.a: , ^^^^-^^ science du Mal- 
tre d'hdtel, confiseur 4 I'usage des offl- 
ciers, etc. Paris, 17fi8. 8vo., sheep, 
folding plates, Kare. ' ft^ h 

270. JEWS. Basnage. Histoire'des 
Juifs jusqu'A present. La Haye. 1716 

titles, Rare. ^,n „ft 

>onveau Testament de notre St-i.nieur 
JesusChnst. Quebec. 1846 8vo. half 
*"*"• SKI Aft 

272. MANNOCK, J.-Manuel ;.br4- 
g6 de controverse ; on controverse des 
pauvres Ouvrage ti adult '!e 1 'anglais 
fsofi i?*°°u: ^- «• »• Q»^bec, 
Rare ' ^*^' ^'"'^'"g ^^roken 

273. RABELAIS.— (Euvres deMai 
tre Franfois Rabelais, publi^es sous le 
titre de Faits et Dits du g^ant Gar- 
gantua et de son fils Pantagruel, avec 
la. I rognostication pantagru^lique, I'E- 
pitre du Limousin, d'humeurs diff^- 
rentes. H^ouvelle Edition ot I'on a ajon- 


tA 1m Bem»rqaM hittoriqiMi et eriti- 
iiaes, aar toat I'oavnige f le rni For- 
.trait de Rabelais '; la carte da Gbinon*^ 
nois ; le dessin de la Cave peinte' ; ee 
les diCKreates vnes de la devinidre, 
Mutalrie de 1'A.uteur. A Amtttrdam, 
<het Henri Bordesius, 1711. 6 vols, ia-4 
12mO; full oalf folded plates. Very 
rare. 160.00 

This edition, the first complete aftev 
Rabelais death, nnezpurgatcd waa oatalo* 
(aed In Jane 1845, by Rondeau, booliMller 
«t Paris, under no 3105, at 4fiO ftanoa, 

274. VOLTAIRE.— Voltariana, oa 
^loges amphigouriqoes de Fr. Marie 
Aroaet Sr. de Voltaire, disoatte et 
d6oid6s pour sa reception & l'Aoad6mie 
Fi;an9ai8e, par Timourowitz Ablobev. 
(St-Hyacinthe). Paris, 1748. 8vo., calf. ■ 
very rare. 110.00 


A w ^